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Flue Exhaust Blowers

  • D-3 TJERNLUND PRODUCTS Fire place draft inducer

    D-3 Fire place draft inducer TJERNLUND PRODUCTS, Full assembly housing and motor (motor only number JA2N2213N, 880-0112) Application: Provides Positive Draft exhaust and assists Proper Exhaust. Construction: Material Aluminized Steel Housing and Blower...

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  • FB-RFB101 Flue Exhaust Blower

    FB-RFB101 Flue Exhaust blower 1/12 h.p.208/230v.5 ampPSC/Open3/370 capacitor included1/3200 RPMCCW rotation lead end3.3" Frame8.25" bodyball bearing. Cross Reference: 23G8101,135327, 074, 28G6601, Fasco 7062-1794, 7062-3577 FB-RFB101, GCS Roof top,...

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  • FB-RFB107 Commercial Flue Exhaust Blower

    FB-RFB107 Commercial Flue Exhaust Blower 151/40 h.p.208/230v .3 ampPSC/Opencapacitor 3/370 2/3350/2900Rotation CW8.7 in. body3.3 in. frame Cross Reference: Rheem-Ruud/Keeprite ICP, PGB, PGA,PGD,GPD,RGMA Reem-Ruud 1070770, 101070 15-20-30 ton, 107701,...

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  • FB-RFB111 Exhaust Blower

    FB-RFB111 Flue Exhaust Blower 1/25 h.p.115v1.2 ampSP/OpenCCW rotation6.0 in. body3.3 in. frame 1/3000 RPM Cross References: Olsen-Airco HHS/Grimsby 26607, 25673, ,K26986, HSS-BHS, SBC375, CPL1132

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  • FB-RFB112 Flue Exhaust Blower

    FB-RFB112 Flue Exhaust Blower Includes: pressure switch, 2 gaskets, mounting plate, silicone tubing and instructions 1/45 HP 115 Volts 1.3 AMP SP/Open 1/3000 RPM CCW Rotation 6.0 Inch Body 3.3 Inch Frame Cross Reference: JA1M209 JA1M209NS lsen-Airco...

  • FB-RFB118 Flue Exhaust Blower

    Details 1/15 HP 3000 RPM 115 VOLTS 1.8 AMPS ONE SPEED CCW ROTATION SPLIT PHASE OPEN Enclosure 5.93 Body Size 3.3 Frame Size SLEEVE Bearing  

  • FB-RFB135 Flue Exhaust Blower

    FB-RFB135 Flue Exhaust Blower 1/65 h.p.115v.7 ampSP/Open1/3000 rpmCW rotation3.3 in. frame5.5 in. body Cross Reference: Lennox Air-Flo Unit Heater 19J04, 19Ju04, Fasco 7121-8812, 7021-8651

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  • FB-RFB145 Exhaust Blower

    FB-RFB145 Exhaust Blower Motor1/25 h.p.120v.7 ampPSC/Open4/250 Capacitor included1/3450 rpmCW rotation5.3 in. body3.3 in. frame. Coupling included Cross Reference: ICP, Keeprite, Heil, Comfortmaker NTGM, 1009924, 1009518, 1010527, 1011404, 1011412,...

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  • FB-RFB156 Flue Exhaust Motor

    FB-RFB156 Flue Exhaust Blower1/50 h.p.115v1.1ampSP/Open1/3000 rpmCCW rotation5.6 in. body3.3 in. frame. Cross Reference: Coleman, Evcon Roof top, Fasco 7021-9404, Evcon 2702-321

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  • FB-RFB157 Rotom Exhaust Blower Motor

    ***Part discontinued***Replace with FB-RFB241*** FB-RFB157 Rotom Exhaust Blower Motor HP 1/20 Volts 115 Amps 1.71 Type SP 3400 RPM Rotation CCW Body 6.50" Frame 3.3" Bearing Ball Reference catalog page 2 Cross Reference: Rheem...

  • FB-RFB17 Flue Exhaust Motor

    FB-RFB17 Flue Exhaust Motor 1/30 h.p.120v2 ampSP/Open1/3000 RPMCCW rotation6.9 in. body3.3 in. frameCross Reference: Clare Mid Efficiency MEG series Blower Clare V17, Fasco 7130-0029, M046

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