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Rotom Auger Motor Reversal Instructions

May 03, 2016

Auger Reversal Instructions (Rotom Version)

Current unit will run CCW (counter clockwise from rear view, output shaft pointing away)

The following will change rotation to CW (Clockwise from rear view)

  1. Place unit on table with motor side up (this is the "stator and "rotor" assembly)
  2. Remove the two screws holding the motor on to the aluminum gearbox (these go through the bearing cap into the gearbox)
  3. Lift off the bearing cap note it may require gentile prying with a small screw driver. The rotor (moving drive portion) may come out with this. Keep this together for reassembly.
  4. Lift off the stator portion off the gearbox, note it may require gentile prying with a small screw driver. Note the position of tabs or mark the side close to gearbox prior to avoid confusion of orientation.
  5. Flip the stator (the steel lamination portion with electrical windings) over. Re-place on gearbox.
  6. Re insert the rotor assembly and re-tighten screws evenly, take time to be sure all parts line up properly.

Unit should look same as when started with the exception of the connection tabs will now be close to the gearbox.

Call for assistance if required

8am-5pm EST
CSH Incorporated