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HOME » Electric Motors » Century Formerly AO Smith Motors » Unit Bearing Fan Motors » 2 - 75 Watts » UB04CWLA2F » UB04CWLA2F Unit Bearing Fan Motor
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UB04CWLA2F Unit Bearing Fan Motor

1550 RPM
115 Volts
.29 Amps
CWLE Rotation
Totally Enclosed
Shaded Pole
Continuous Duty
Air Over
Aluminum-Two Mounting Feet
Includes vibration dampening hub washer, speed nut and 4 mounting screws

Cross Reference: Fasco D554 6257 48J6A24 115 2115 RF115 D421 AM4107J 5013 51KSP51AL250 5211 5213 5KAP51AL1 5KSM51AG3144 5KSM51AG3511 5KSP51AL1 5KSP51AL101 5KSP51AL102 5KSP51AL105 5KSP51AL106 5KSP51AL107 5KSP51AL108 5KSP51AL11 5KSP51AL110 5KSP51AL111 5KSP51AL114 5KSP51AL116 5KSP51AL120 5KSP51AL121 5KSP51AL122 5KSP51AL127 5KSP51AL128 5KSP51AL13 5KSP51AL131 5KSP51AL132 5KSP51AL139 5KSP51AL14 5KSP51AL140 5KSP51AL141 5KSP51AL142 5KSP51AL146 5KSP51AL148 5KSP51AL149 5KSP51AL15 5KSP51AL158 5KSP51AL160 5KSP51AL17 5KSP51AL175 5KSP51AL176 5KSP51AL185 5KSP51AL187 5KSP51AL190 5KSP51AL191 5KSP51AL192 5KSP51AL196 5KSP51AL197 5KSP51AL199 5KSP51AL2008 5KSP51AL204 5KSP51AL205 5KSP51AL206 5KSP51AL207 5KSP51AL21 5KSP51AL213 5KSP51AL215 5KSP51AL22 5KSP51AL229 5KSP51AL23 5KSP51AL245 5KSP51AL246 5KSP51AL247 5KSP51AL250 5KSP51AL251 5KSP51AL253 5KSP51AL257 5KSP51AL263 5KSP51AL264 5KSP51AL269 5KSP51AL274 5KSP51AL275 5KSP51AL276 5KSP51AL277 5KSP51AL279 5KSP51AL28 5KSP51AL280 5KSP51AL281 5KSP51AL282 5KSP51AL285 5KSP51AL286 5KSP51AL288 5KSP51AL289 5KSP51AL291 5KSP51AL292 5KSP51AL3 5KSP51AL300 5KSP51AL301 5KSP51AL304 5KSP51AL31 5KSP51AL312 5KSP51AL316 5KSP51AL318 5KSP51AL32 5KSP51AL322 5KSP51AL324 5KSP51AL327 5KSP51AL329 5KSP51AL330 5KSP51AL341 5KSP51AL343 5KSP51AL348 5KSP51AL35 5KSP51AL355 5KSP51AL356 5KSP51AL359 5KSP51AL372 5KSP51AL373 5KSP51AL375 5KSP51AL380 5KSP51AL381 5KSP51AL391 5KSP51AL398 5KSP51AL412 5KSP51AL419 5KSP51AL421 5KSP51AL433 5KSP51AL442 5KSP51AL45 5KSP51AL451 5KSP51AL455 5KSP51AL46 5KSP51AL467 5KSP51AL471 5KSP51AL476 5KSP51AL480 5KSP51AL485 5KSP51AL486 5KSP51AL492 5KSP51AL494 5KSP51AL495 5KSP51AL511 5KSP51AL533 5KSP51AL54 5KSP51AL55 5KSP51AL60 5KSP51AL62 5KSP51AL63 5KSP51AL66 5KSP51AL70 5KSP51AL700 5KSP51AL707 5KSP51AL71 5KSP51AL750 5KSP51AL76 5KSP51AL78 5KSP51AL781 5KSP51AL794 5KSP51AL814 5KSP51AL83 5KSP51AL836 5KSP51AL838 5KSP51AL839 5KSP51AL84 5KSP51AL845 5KSP51AL846 5KSP51AL849 5KSP51AL850 5KSP51AL854 5KSP51AL855 5KSP51AL857 5KSP51AL860 5KSP51AL87 5KSP51AL899 5KSP51AL917 5KSP51AL930 5KSP51AL96 5KSP51AL97 5KSP51AL98 5KSP51AL996 5KSP51AL997 5KSP51AZL257 5KSP51AZL291 5KSP51AZL312 5KSP51AZL372 5KSP51AZL476 5KSP51AZL480 5KSP51AZL718 5KSP51AZL736 5KSP51AZL742 5KSP51AZL746 5KSP51AZL752 5KSP51AZL754 5KSP51AZL759 5KSP51AZL777 5KSP51AZL780 5KSP51AZL781 5KSP51AZL782 5KSP51AZL84 5KSP51AZL847 5KSP51CL8 5KSP51EL114 5KSP51EL117 5KSP51EL122 5KSP51EL167 5KSP51EL19 5KSP51EL3 5KSP51EL30 5KSP51EL70 KSP51AL109 SP-B3E1 SP-B3EM1 SP-B3EV1 SP-B3M1 SP-B3S1 SP-B3SE1 SP-B4E1 SP-B4EM1 SP-B4L1 SP-B4M1 SP-B4S1 SP-B4SE1 SP-B5E1 SP-B5EM1 SP-B5M1 SP-B5PEM1 SP-B5S1 SP-B5SE1 10004 R5211 118-201 118-203 118-205 118-305 221 AA2A016 AA2A018 AA2A028 AA2A035 AA2A038 AA2C005 AA2C007 AA2C063 AA2C103 AA2C105 AA2C107 AA2C250 AA2C292 AA2C344 AA2C630 AA2CLU4 JA2C002 JA2C117 JA2C130 UEM1041AL

Model Number: UB04CWLA2F

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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 20 September, 2008.
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