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HOME » Electric Motors » Century Formerly AO Smith Motors » 3-3/8" Diameter HVAC Stock Motor » Room Air Conditioning and Double » 378 » 378 Room Air Conditioning & Double Blower 1/50-1/70 HP
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378 Room Air Conditioning & Double Blower 1/50-1/70 HP

Features: Continuous Duty, Air Over, Double Shaft, Thermally Protected, 60 Hz, Shaded Pole

Applications: Double Blower, Room Air Conditioning, Heaters

1/50-1/70 HP
1550 RPM
2 Speed
208-230 Volts
.40-.20 Amps
1-1/2" x 1/4" x 1-1/2" Shaft Diameter & Length

Cross References: HC03SN651 F33EED2421 F33FFF2450 F33FSE2449 F33SED2428 F33XFSO660 006330VC30G13G 6114T1AA114A7942 70632792 7163-1286 7163-1302 7163-2864 D624 P83842 T61A5A2-A4956 UT61A3CRZA6705 80213 8213720100 82378 8353960120 AK41113B AK4K10B F-3475 L3595 5045 5921 5922 5KSM59AS1710 5KSM59GS1575 5KSP51GL592 6234 9AACCW230 9AACW230 R12CW52A R12CW52M R12CW52R R16CW142 R16CW71 RR4103 118-032 118-034 118-044 118-047 118-253 118-260 118-291 118-354 18-019 18-031 18-092 18-096 18-1008 18-123 18-151 18-193 18-194 18-242 18-455 18-471 18-556 18-616 18-619 18-689 38-013 62-036 62-080 AA2C050 AA2C051 AA2C055 AA2C058 AA2C109 AA2C117 AA2C127 AA2C128 AA2C131 AA2C144 AA2C158 AA2C167 AA2C175 AA2C178 AA2C180 AA2C181 AA2C182 AA2C191 AA2C195 AA2C201 AA2C216 AA2C244 AA2C246 AA2C257 AA2C299 AA2C305 AA2C308 AA2C309 AA2C320 AA2C321 AA2C322 AA2C329 AA2C347 AA2C361 AA2E046 AA2E052 AA2E056 AA2E061 AA2E109 AA2E114 AA2E124 AA2E127 AA2E128 AA2E145 AA2E155 AA2E160 AA2E171 AA2E177 AA2E178 AA2E193 AA2E202 AA2E205 AA2F080 AA2G025 AA2M004 AA2M020 AA2M024 AA2M037 AA2M039 AA2M043 AA2M060 AA2M061 AA2M065 AA2M066 AA2M090 AA2M091 AA2M101 AA2M130 AA2M137 AA2N022 AA2P021 JA2C054 JA2C074 JA2C109 JA2M029 JA2M040 JA2M054 JA2M066 JA2M068 JA2M072 JA2M075 JA2M104 JA2M142 JA2M149 JA2M165 JA2M200 JA2M247 JA2M261 JA2M267 JA2M422 JA2N007 JA2N009 JA2N041 JA2N076 JA2N145 JA2N155 JA2N195 JA2P089 JA2P158 JA2P160

Model Number: 378

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 20 September, 2008.
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