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HOME » Electric Motors » Century Formerly AO Smith Motors » 5" Diameter HVAC Stock Motors » Fan Coils-Dual Wheel Blowers » 320 » 320 5 In. Diameter Double Shaft Motor 1/15-1/25-1/40 HP
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320 5" Diameter Double Shaft Fan/Blower Motor

Features: Auto Protector, 1/2" Diameter-Flatted Shafts, 42 Frame, Open Construction, 2-1/2" Diameter Rings, Sleeve Bearing, Shaded Pole

1/15-1/25-1/40 HP
1050 RPM
3 Speed
208-230 Volt
1.3-.71-.50 Amp
CWLE Rotation
60/50 HZ

Cross References:319P795 319P979 322P008 322P073 7151-0064 D153 D251 D655 R3A3H2-56 UH71A5AD2A4380 200A3 S19551 S19600097004 2071 2905 2907 2913 5KSP29BG1042 5KSP29BK1188 5KSP29BK1211 5KSP29BK1213 5KSP29BK1220 5KSP29BK1221 5KSP29BK1260 5KSP29BK1270 5KSP29BK1273 5KSP29BK1274 5KSP29BK1281 5KSP29BK1282 5KSP29BK1318 5KSP29BK1419 5KSP29BK1493 5KSP29BK1512 5KSP29BK1517 5KSP29BK1563 5KSP29BK773 5KSP29BK774 5KSP29BK9005 5KSP29BK9015 5KSP29BK9019 5KSP29BK972 5KSP29DG3027 5KSP29DK1172 5KSP29DK1292 5KSP29DK992 5KSP29QK1186 5KSP29QK1187 5KSP39BK742 L20CCW177 L20CCW185 87-045 87-046 87-047 87-048 87-056 87-057 87-097 87-098 87-102 87-105 87-106 87-112 87-148 87-149 DA2E098 DA2E099 DA3B023 DA3D007 DA3D008 DA3D020 DA3D030 DA3D041 DA3D045 DA3D046 DA3D057 DA3D094 DA3D095 DA3D096 DA3D111 DA3D128 DA3D167 DA3D208 DA3E003 DA3E004 DA3E018 DA3E031 DA3E034 DA3E036 DA3E042 DA3E047 DA3E048 DA3E063 DA3E079 DA3E086 DA3E088 DA3E089 DA3E094 DA3E118 DA3E129 DA3E134 DA3E135 DA3E144 DA3E147 DA3E149 DA3E162 DA3E164 DA3E202 DA3E225 DA3E242 DA3E620 DA3F003 DA3F004 DA3F046 DA3F049 DA3F052 DA3F074 DA3F093 DA3F111 DA3F112 DA3G024 DA3G051 DA3G063 DA3G101 DA3G102 DA3G109 DA3G117 DA3G130 DA3G131 DA3G152 DE3D289 DE3D353

Model Number: 320

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 07 April, 2009.
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